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Indian Summer | Little Point Candle Company
Indian Summer
Indian Summer | Little Point Candle Company

Indian Summer


Indian Summer blends bittersweet orange peel, dried chili peppers and the heritage fragrance of the 60’s, patchouli, for a fresh twist on an all time classic. If Anthony Kiedis and Flea where reduced to a simmer, this would be it. Sweet, candied citrus notes linger on top of a woody, cedar/spice base while traces of jasmine smooth out the middle. This fragrance has layers, fitting of those hazy autumn days in California when the seasons transition and the sunshine warms our soul.

  • Tin Size: 3"d x 2"h
  • Volume: 8 oz.
  • Burn Time: Approx. 35 hours
  • No phthalates, no lead

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Every burn should evoke good vibes and enhance your space. Allow a full melt pool to form so that your candle continues to melt down evenly after each burn cycle. And, trim the wick before lighting... every time.